Domino and Eclipse
About Cat Haven

Cat Haven is a small, all volunteer cat rescue and adoption organization. Located in Alexandria, Virginia, it serves Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., and suburban Maryland.

Cat Haven’s mission is to serve the needs of homeless cats and kittens in  the Washington, D. C., metropolitan area and to aid in the decrease of the homeless feline population.
Cat Haven takes in cats and kittens that are stray, homeless, abandoned, surrendered by owner, and acquired from county shelters.
Currently, Cat Haven has no open slots for accepting new kitties.

Thank you for visiting Cat Haven!

Adoption Process

Once a person submits an inquiry about a cat, a response and adoption application are sent within 24 hours.

Upon receipt of the completed adoption application, Cat Haven and the potential adopter set a time when the new adopter can    meet a specific cat or cats.

Cat Haven then conducts a home visit to ensure that the new home is a safe environment for the cat(s).

If both Cat Haven and the adopter feel that the selected cat or cats is a good match for the adopter, then the adoption contract    is completed. A trial adoption can be arranged if either or both          parties desire it.

Finally, the selected cat or cats is placed in the new home and the bonding process begins!

If you have any questions about the adoption process, please contact Susan at susan@cathavencats.org.

Thank you for visiting Cat Haven!

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